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The life of the party and the catalyst for unforgettable moments. Enjoy SHAFT wherever the fun takes you!

Ready to Drink Cans: Find SHAFT at your local liquor store!

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SHAFT On-Tap: Look for SHAFT on-tap at select bars and restaurants for a taste of the freshest SHAFT experience.

our signature liquid masterpiece and it’s more than just a drink.

It’s an experience that dares you to tip before you sip and embark on a journey of unparalleled flavour and delight.

tip don't sip.

best enjoyed over ice
with your choice of milk.

A masterful blend of premium vodka, luscious coffee liqueur, 
and the rich depth of cold brew espresso. Each sip is a symphony of flavours that will tantalize your senses.

real coffee.

With 2 Shafts in every can and an ABV of 6.9%, we'll get the party started. Find us on tap to keep the good times flowing!

Look for us at your liquor store!

If they don’t currently have it on order, 
show them these codes for ease of purchasing.

Direct: #899540   Connect: #899539

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Brewed with care in Canada.